Let the Pros Handle Concrete Driveway Pouring

Concrete Pouring 101

Concrete driveway pouring doesn’t have to be a mysterious process. Knowing what to anticipate from your concrete services provider will help you feel confident that your home or business is getting the outcomes you want. When your concrete is poured, expect the following.

Site Preparation

To install your concrete surface, you must first thoroughly prepare the area. The concrete company will remove grass, trees, old concrete, and other debris because the surface needs to be clear and level for a smooth pour. To move the process along as quickly as possible, earth-moving equipment is frequently used.

Sub-base Creation

The sub-base, or the area where the concrete will be placed, must be prepared after the site has been properly cleared. At least 4 inches of granular fill, road base, or extremely compacted, stable soil is required for a proper sub-base. This step must be done correctly to give the concrete the best chance to cure properly and reduce the risk that the soil will shift and harm the concrete slab.

Form Setting

The concrete contractor then places forms around the sub-edges base to help ensure that the concrete is laid properly, with the proper slope for drainage and clean slab corners. The forms are held in place with stakes that can be easily removed, leaving behind beautifully laid concrete.


The concrete, which will be made from a mixture suitable for your geography and other factors, is now ready to be poured. The contractor might be able to pull their mixing truck right up to the slab area depending on how the site is laid out, or they might need to use a pump to transfer the concrete from the truck to your slab. The team will rake the malleable concrete before pouring to remove air pockets and guarantee a smooth surface.

By hiring Otero's Concrete and Landscaping you can ensure quality concrete driveway pouring service for your Ogden, UT concrete driveway. For more info, call (385) 247-5614 for professional concrete services and more!

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